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    Default Using import java.util.Scanner

    I am new to Java and I had a question. I coded a program in Eclipse Kepler. The code is here (it is made up of 3 classes). (Please pardon the ridiculously long class names. I made this a while back):

    First class:

    public interface IntExample {

    public void Hello();

    public void Fine();

    public void notFine();

    public void Goodbye();

    public void askQuestion();

    public void A();

    public void B();

    public void sayJoke();

    public void meltComputer();

    public void Funny();

    public void notFunny();

    public void theTruth();

    public void listCommands();


    Next Class:

    public class DefiningInterfaceClass {

    public void Hello(){
    System.out.println("Hello there! How are you?");

    public void Fine(){
    System.out.println("That's good!");

    public void notFine(){
    System.out.println("That's too bad.");

    public void Goodbye(){

    public void askQuestion(){
    System.out.println("What is the capital of Mali? A. Timbuktu B. Bamako");

    public void A(){

    public void B(){

    public void sayJoke(){
    System.out.println("So a duck walks into a restaurant, he orders a steak , and says...PUT IT ON MY BILL!");

    public void meltComputer(){
    for (int i=1;i < 999999999; i++)


    public void Funny(){
    System.out.println("Congratulations! You get the joke!");

    public void notFunny(){
    System.out.println("You have no sense of humor!");

    public void theTruth(){
    System.out.println("42 is the meaning of life.");

    public void listCommands(){
    System.out.println("Hello (respond with Fine or notFine), Goodbye, askQuestion(respond with A or B), sayJoke(respond Funny or notFunny), meltComputer, listCommands, theTruth");
    System.out.println("NOTE: The command meltComputer won't actually crash your computer. However, it can cause lag on slower machines. USE AT OWN RISK!");
    System.out.println("NOTE: The meltComputer command is simply going to type Pie! 999,999,999 times!");


    The final class (where you put the input):

    public class DefiningInterfaceClassDemo {

    public static void main(String[] args) {

    DefiningInterfaceClass definingInterfaceClass = new DefiningInterfaceClass();

    //Do listCommands to see a list of commands to choose from
    //Note that commands are case sensitive
    //Remember to save each time before you run the application
    //Only type between the "." and "("




    Put this into your favorite IDE and run it. My question is: How could I make it so that instead of typing the commands within the code, I can type it in the console (and still receive the output)? Again, I am new so I am sorry if this is an easy fix.


    The Taco

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    Default Re: Using import java.util.Scanner

    A remark: nothing implements that IntInterface ... shouldn't that first class do that?

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: Using import java.util.Scanner

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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