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    Default Insert Enum in Database

    Assume the following enumeration:
    Java Code:
    public enum FederalState {BW, BY, BE, BB, BR, HH, HE, MV, NI, NR, RP, SL, SN, ST, SH, TH}
    Java Code:
    public class Location {
    	private FederalState state;
    	private String ort;
    	private String PLZ;
    	private String strasse;
    	private String country;
    //setters and getters
    PreparedStatement ps = null;
    ps = con.prepareStatement(query);
    	           Iterator<Location> it = set.iterator();
    	           while (it.hasNext()){
    	           Location obj =;
    	           ps.setString(1, obj.getState()); //error State is type enum not String but there is no setEnum
    	           ps.setString(2, obj.getOrt());	           
    	           ps.setString(3, obj.getPLZ());
    	           ps.setString(4, obj.getStrasse());
    because state is enumeration type (not String or another type) so how to deal with it to get the write instruction with prepareStatement

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    Default Re: Insert Enum in Database

    Cross posted at setter of Type Enum

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    Default Re: Insert Enum in Database

    toString() the enum value?
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