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    Default Searching for Tutorial (Glassfish + Spring + Hibernate + Maven + JSF + GIT)


    I am searching for a short Tutorial setting up a basic develop environment (on top: short example) with:

    - Glassfish
    - Spring
    - Hibernate
    - JSF
    - Maven
    - GIT

    Someone knows a good tutorial?


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    Default Re: Searching for Tutorial (Glassfish + Spring + Hibernate + Maven + JSF + GIT)

    No, and certainly not a SHORT tutorial. The material you list here fills at least 6 books; setting it up fills at least one whole chapter of each such book.

    What's wrong with the JSF tutorial I linked you to in your previous similar thread? Using that as the basis, you should be able to fill in the rest by reading the documentation of the APIs/frameworks in question.
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