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Thread: More advanced interfaces.

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    Default More advanced interfaces.

    So i have been programming for quite a wile now, and i am getting tired of the basic things that i make.

    I now want to learn how to create these amazing interfaces, like these:

    Does anyone of you know how to make them, what i need for it, any tutorials?
    I don't know how to implement those nice backgrounds and interfaces, and where you get them.
    Can anybody tell me? because i want to start learning to create more advanced and cool interfaces.
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    Default Re: More advanced interfaces.

    I've several times seen members on this and other forums recommend this book: Filthy Rich Clients

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    Default Re: More advanced interfaces.

    Those interfaces are mostly the work of a decent graphics designer, you're not going to program something to look pretty.

    But indeed, Filthy Rich Clients is the book you need to get the programming part done... IF you want to use Swing and not JavaFX. JavaFX is more equipped to do 'pretty' user interfaces to be honest, although it is perfectly possible using Swing with a little more effort.

    JavaFX Samples
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