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    Default BlueJ project to a view-able JAR file

    Mk, I am using BlueJ to write my code and i have been working on a little something for my church. just a small simple tool to use.
    I have the first beta done (still lots of things I need to work in it though) and I don't want the rest of my team in the TechBooth to have to use BlueJ to run this program. I have tired to have BlueJ make all of this into a JAR file but when the file is ran nothing happens. How do I make it so that there is a terminal visible to input commands?
    The main class is very long I know. I am working on a way to shorten the String code and make it unlimited (like with a for looper).

    Here is the PasteBin to my code.
    [Moderator edit: PasteBin link removed]
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    Default Re: BlueJ project to a view-able JAR file

    I've removed the PasteBin link, as those kind of links usually go dead in a few weeks and the entire context of the thread is lost. If you want help, post the relevant code here and ask a specific question.

    Before posting code, make sure you have gone through the links I posted in your first thread.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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