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    Question How to reject the Input file processing, if atleast one field hits a wrong value.


    The program I am working on gets some (30 input files), each input file is processed separately reading each field value and the field value is checked against its edit checks.
    If the edit check fails for the field value, the Input file should not be processed further.
    The Input file has to be rejected, the output file created has to be deleted from the location it has been created.

    For each the Input file is "SchoolData.csv" and it contains

    SchoolID,NetworkID,LicenseNo.,ParentID,StudentID,A ddress -------> field values.

    The SchoolID value must be 14 characters. If it is less than 14 or more than 14, in any record read, the complete input file should not be processed further and it has to be rejected and the Output File created for this Input file should also be rejected.

    Please help me, how to reject the Input file, even if one record fails in the field size.

    Thank You

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    Default Re: How to reject the Input file processing, if atleast one field hits a wrong value.

    Moved from Advanced Java. Please don't post homework questions in that section.

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