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Thread: Simple Application Coding

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    Question Simple Application Coding

    I have been given two tasks but i am not much into Java any helps will be appreciated thanks. I have about 2 days time to complete it.

    TASK 1:
    Create four new classes for each real-world object. For each new class that you have created, create an interface that defines its behavior, then require your class to implement it. Omit one or two methods and try compiling. What does the error look like?

    TASK 2:
    Create a small program that defines some fields. Try creating some illegal field names and see what kind of error the compiler produces.
    In the program you created, try leaving the fields uninitialized and print out their values. Try the same with a local variable and see what kind of compiler errors you can produce.

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    Default Re: Simple Application Coding

    I see questions like this all of the time and I keep wondering if the instructors are not covering the material required to complete the assignments or explaining them properly. I assume you know what a class is. Has the instructor gone over interfaces? What about variable scope including instance fields, static fields, and local variables? Exactly what is it you need help with?

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    Default Re: Simple Application Coding

    Bro the thing is our instructor doesnt explain it properly he just says do research and work on the project. That were the only instructions i got now i am fed up of searching and all that i dont know that basics i can create class but the thing is he says to create four will it be the same program or separate for everyone.

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    Default Re: Simple Application Coding

    You must have a book. Read it. Learn something. You can't do this without first studying.
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