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    Default Improving my understanding of Java

    Hi everyone, I am currently taking an introduction to programming in Java course in college and I am struggling to understand a lot of the concepts. I was wondering if anyone had any good resources, for example sample tests, to help me practice concepts so that when the next exam rolls around I can do well. Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Default Re: Improving my understanding of Java

    A good beginner's book; Head First Java one the best or Java How to program by Deitel (early objects) other than that always have the Java API on your tabs and of course
    the tutorials of oracle: The Really Big Index

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    Default Re: Improving my understanding of Java

    1.classes consists of fields and methods, has to be instantiated, initialised, as well as defined in Java, initialisation is compulsary example..
    Java Code:
    int a[];//instantiation
    {a=new array[5];}//initialisation necessary, otherwise can't be defined or allocated 
    public static void main(String args[]) { //main should be  public and static .. main() can be overloaded, but cannot access non static methods and fields directly,
    3.if a class extends a base class, the base class methods can be over-ridden, but base class methods should not be final, or static between these, constructor concept is there.. constructors only for initialisation..
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