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    Angry Questions! Please help me D:

    package javaapplication2;
    class DayCounter{
    public static void main(String[] arguments){
    int yearIn = 2013;
    int monthIn = 12;

    if (arguments.length < 0)
    monthIn = Integer.parseInt(arguments[0]);
    if( arguments.length < 1)
    yearIn = Integer.parseInt(arguments[1]);
    System.out.println( monthIn + "/" + yearIn + " has "
    + countDays(monthIn, yearIn) + "days.");


    This is just a part of the whole java file/program that I don't understand.
    So my question is, what length are they referring to at:
    if (arguments.length < 0)
    if (arguments.length < 1) ?

    Why did the person choose 0 and 1?

    Also, what is "Integer.parseInt" and does (arguments[0] ) mean the monthIn will be stored in the "String[] arguments"?
    If so, then what's the point of that?

    monthIn = Integer.parseInt(arguments[0]);
    yearIn = Integer.parseInt(arguments[1]);

    I know that I have many questions, but please answer this question too:

    When I type in statements and expressions in the main method, do they get stored inside the main method? (In the "String[] arguments" in this case)

    Please answer my questions
    I'm self-studying Java with a book that doesn't explain things very well.

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    Default Re: Questions! Please help me D:

    I have already asked you to go through the forum rules.

    I'm closing this thread. You may start another thread with a subject line that conforms to the rules.


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