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Thread: Jar file build

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    Default Jar file build

    I had an eclipse setup in Windows machine for building a .jar file which was used in Linux box. The eclipse version is 3.4.2 and jre version was jre 1.5.0-18 in that machine.

    I lost the machine and I setup the eclipse build in a new system. I used the same eclipse 3.4.2 but that new system had jre 6.

    I compared the size of the jar file of the newly built one in new system and the jar file from Linux box.

    Size in new system is 34.1 KB.Size on disk is 36 KB(36,864 bytes)

    Size in old system was 33.7 KB. Size on disk is 36 KB(36,864 bytes)

    The program worked fine when tested in Linux box.

    Why is the difference in size of .jar file. Is it due to higher version of jre 6. Will there be any issues?

    Please advice.


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    Default Re: Jar file build

    Yes, it's probably due to the different JVM version. Small differences in file size between builds are nothing to be concerned about.
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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