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    Red face Date Math with weekends & holidays?

    Good day,

    Is there a way I can determine what date it will be in 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays)?

    If not - what about just weekends? Is there a way to add custom holidays?

    Thank you,

    Java Code:
    		public Date getDteReturnDate() {
    			Calendar c = Calendar.getInstance();
    			if (intWords < 100) {
    				c.add(Calendar.DATE, 5);
                          } else {
    				//TODO Return Error or information screen
    			return c.getTime();
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    Default Re: Date Math with weekends & holidays?

    Have you read the API documentation for the Calendar (GregorianCalendar) class? It has all the arithmetic needed for calendar calculations. except holidays; holidays differ per country (or even regions of a country) and can differ each year.

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: Date Math with weekends & holidays?

    Quote Originally Posted by ShaneO View Post
    Is there a way I can determine what date it will be in 5 days (excluding weekends and holidays)?
    What is your actual requirement here? In 5 days the date will be 5 days later, whether the interim time has holidays or not.

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    Default Re: Date Math with weekends & holidays?

    He's of course talking about working days, not week days.

    Me - I'd just dumbly iterate from the starting day to the ending day, checking the 'state' of each day along the way. If you have a database of 'invalid' days (holidays, weekend days, ...) you can probably make that less dumb and simply count how many days there are in total and subtract how many discount days there are between those two dates with a simple count query on the database.

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