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    Default Hello I am new and have some questions about Java

    Hello. My name is Eugene and I am new here. I begun learning Java a few weeks ago. I memorized the "Hello, world" coding even though I still don't know what it means. So I have a few beginner questions. Please answer them.

    1) In simple words, what is public class and public static void main mean?
    I think public means the code is available to be accessed by other codes and class is type. I think static means the code stays the same and void means it doesn't return a number and main is some sort of built in coding. What would be an example of a coding that is not public static void main?

    2) I want to create games using Java but nowhere in any book does it explain how to create games. I want implement graphics for example and have buttons on screen to press and pressing buttons on keyboard. Do I need some kind of a graphics engine as well? I use jGrasp compiler with that Java package that I downloaded online. I am learning Java in college. So can you give me an example of how to begin making games and implementing images in Java?

    3) How would I go about creating softwares using Java?

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    Default Re: Hello I am new and have some questions about Java

    Welcome to the forum. I suggest you check out the tutorials in my signature. They will answer a lot of your questions. And don't forget to read the forum rules. Click the FAQ in the menu bar to access them and other helpful information.

    The JavaTM Tutorials | SSCCE | Java Naming Conventions
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