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    Default which data structure should I use for trading system?

    I have finished my studying of a basic trading system structure and going to build one now. I am going to put a table of historical data (having columns of day high, day low...etcs of days of many years) into an array or other kind of data structure, then use the date to do analysis, and some analysis would need to put the result into another array (or another data structure).

    So basically it would be few "tables" with each having around 6 columns and around 2000-5000 rows. I would do calculations within these tables and then store the result to another similar size table.

    Array is good enough? Or I should choose another data structure like linked list?

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    Default Re: which data structure should I use for trading system?

    It all depends what you want to do with that data.

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    Default Re: which data structure should I use for trading system?

    Data structures differ in their performance for operations like insert, delete, iterating over all elements, locating a particular element, etc. You haven't told us anything about the ways you're using the data that would allow us to even begin to answer your question.
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