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    Default Project ideas please

    Hey everyone,

    I just completed an amazing free ebook by David J. Eck (One that I highly recommend for those transitioning from another language to Java) and I'm looking for a large (multi-week) project idea. Typically after learning a new language, I'll make a stat calculator or some similar companion application for whatever game I'm into at the moment. However, thanks to Java, I haven't been gaming much as of late,and the calculator idea is so basic....

    So here's the request. Please throw out ideas for a fairly complex GUI-based program (CLI is fine if you truly see it as a fun idea). I say fairly complex as including the following concepts if possible:

    *Network communication for some purpose
    *Data structures such as binary trees, linked lists, etc. (I created a snake game using a LinkedList to keep track of the location and size of the snake)

    Thanks for your ideas everyone!


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    Default Re: Project ideas please

    I suggest a client/server instant messenger. That contains:

    *Network communication for some purpose
    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: Project ideas please

    The longest-running coding project I've had (I think it's at about 10 years and counting now) is a MUD client. The perks of that is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want; ranging from basically a Telnet client (only reading/writing from streams) to hard-coded responses to text, in-client scripting, whatever GUI you want to use, etc.

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