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    Question Need help with a java roll-over (color changer)


    I am brand new to this forum, but I am very familiar with html and code.

    I have a project I am working on. It is for a metal roofing company. And what I am trying to do is to create a color changer. As you roll your mouse over the different colors the color of the metal roof will change with each color. I have done this before with Flash and it was very code intense. I believe there is a way to do this using java. I would like to keep the characteristics and details of the picture just change the color only on each rollover.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advanced for any help you can throw my way!

    -TamahahawkNeed help with a java roll-over (color changer)-house_9_large.jpg

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    Default Re: Need help with a java roll-over (color changer)

    A color is composed of red, green and blue RGB; e.g. the roof in that picture is red-ish so the R component is significantly higher than the G and B components. You want to change a certain color if its components are in the range [Rmin, Rmax] [Gmin, Gmax] and [Bmin, Bmax]. How you want to change the components is entirely up to you ...

    kind regards,

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    Default Re: Need help with a java roll-over (color changer)

    I am not into image processing, but here's a guy who is: Jerry's Java Image Processing Pages
    He made a bunch of filters that are useful for either using directly or learning.

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