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Thread: Completely new to the programming world.

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    Default Completely new to the programming world.

    Hi everyone! I am absolutely a complete newbie to programming in general so bear with me if you'd like to help. I just got out of high School and am on break before i head off to college with basically nothing to do. I'm looking at possible major options and i find that i'm particularly interested in programming. Like i said i literally have no experience besides the infamous Hello world! app. I've looked at some of the threads on this form and have done very little programming before involving stuff such as if/else commands. As you can see i am a complete newbie and need some answers

    1) what would you suggest someone like me do to learn a little something more about programming in Java?
    2) I find that writing code for basic programs( i don't even know if you'd call it a program) such as hello world is rather boring particularly because it yields no results. There is nothing i personally do to interact with the program and its making it feel simply pointless. What are some other things i can work on that will not only help me learn but also keep me interested while doing so? I feel like id learn more even if the coding was complex simply because it was interesting.

    I hope you can help me! thank you

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    Default Re: Completely new to the programming world.

    Hi, welcome to the forum.

    The first thing that we always tells for someone who ask the same question with yours is to check the official Java tutorials website The Java™ Tutorials. There're tons of things that you can learn from it. Get yourself a good IDE to start to be familiar with Java programming environment. Actually it is not pointless the start every programming languange with the classic Hello World. It might look very simple but it can introduce you to the building block of a code. In the Hello World you can see learn a basic thing like package. Some keywords such as how to define a class using the public and class keywords. You also create a main method that will become the entry point of your program execution. Print something out to the console screen.

    You can also learn how to compile from the command line. Although when using an IDE it will do the compilation for you. But knowing how to do it in the command prompt is code. Because there will be times that you only have a terminal console in your hand to compile on a remote machine. This will also help you to learn and understand the concept of classpath, etc. There are actually a lot you can learn from the couple of lines in Hello World. You won't be wasting your time. As we always know every journey begins with a single step.
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    Default Re: Completely new to the programming world.

    Welcome to the world man, I would recommend BlueJ as a starting IDE, since it helps to visualize various aspects and lacks the autocomplete that could become a crutch if used from the begining, but even more important, those boring exercises really help, I actually go out of my way to find a book with a list of good exercises since I noticed how useful it was, they can be tedious, but trust me those exercises will get the rules and logic down, so you can move on to bigger stuff.

    Here is the BlueJ IDE download: BlueJ - Download

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    Default Re: Completely new to the programming world.

    I'm with wsaryada when it comes to compiling and running from the commandline. That will give you vital information on how classpaths and various switches work. Only then they will make sense when you run into them in your IDE. It's a bit tedious in the beginning, but very valuable knowledge to have.

    As for what to program, I would go for a few games. No, not Battlefield 4 style games :), but things like Yathzee, Hangman, TicTacToe, stuff like that. First make them text based, and once you know the workings of the basic Java objects, make them a graphical game. That will keep you busy for a few days.

    Cheers and happy coding!
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    Default Re: Completely new to the programming world.


    For Java books I suggest the following

    Java Programming comprehensive concepts & techniques by Shelly Cashman Series.... gr8 for getting you started
    Java for dummies .... also a good one for beginners
    Head First Java by Kathy Siera & Bert Bates.... you'll love it

    To gain more insight
    Thinking in Java.... It's more like a java dictionary... gives thorough explanations
    JLS .... same as thinking in java
    Javanotes 6.... It has great excersises

    you can download most of these books for free on this link http://

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