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    Default Java Program Morse Code Translator

    A Java program is to be created to produce Morse code. The Morse code assigns a
    series of dots and dashes to each letter of the alphabet, each digit, and a few special characters (such as
    period, comma, colon, and semicolon). In sound-oriented systems, the dot represents a short sound and the
    dash represents a long sound. Separation between words is indicated by a space, or, quite simply, the
    absence of a dot or dash. In a sound-oriented system, a space is indicated by a short period of time during
    which no sound is transmitted. The international version of the Morse code is stored in the data file Morse.txt.
    To process the program, the Morse code data file (Morse.txt) should be read and stored in memory for fast
    access to the code. Each letter of the alphabet has a Morse code equivalent. After the code table is stored, the
    user should be prompted for an English language sentence to be entered from the keyboard. This sentence
    should be encoded into Morse and displayed. One blank should be used to separate each Morse-coded letter
    and three blanks should be used to separate each Morse-coded word. The user should be allowed to continue
    with the process of entering a sentence and having it encoded until a sentinel value (0) is received.
    Input: The letters and their equivalents are stored in a data file named Morse.txt. Input will consist of the
    Morse.txt file and well as the sentences entered from the keyboard. The data file should be read and loaded
    into memory at the beginning of the program before the sentences can be read and encoded. Each line of the
    data file contains the letter of the alphabet followed by the code equivalent. The data file should be read and
    stored in an array for fast and easy access during the program duration. When a sentence is read from the
    keyboard, it can be translated from the data stored from the Morse code file.

    Create a driver (main) class named
     Create a utility class named which translates the sentences inputted from the user into
    Morse code.
     You may design your utility class where you pass the entire sentence into its constructor or pass one
    character at a time. You may elect to do output from either the driver or utility class.
     Include comments defining the purpose of the code.
     Include a comment stating your name.
     Use all Java conventions such as naming conventions and indentation.

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    Default Re: Java Program Morse Code Translator

    Closing homework dump. If you have a valid question, start a new thread. Before that, please go through How to ask questions the smart way.

    If you're forever cleaning cobwebs, it's time to get rid of the spiders.

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