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Thread: Base conversion

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    Default Base conversion

    Hello forum. I am confused. I am writing a method that takes in a int value and a base and from those two find the base number . For example: The method takes a number, say 342, and converts it to a base (any base).

    I understand the algorithm, cant fathom the code

    Heres what I know

    value % base = first digit starting from right
    (value/base) % base = second digit starting from the right
    (value/base^2)% base = third digit starting from right...

    ,... and so forth.

    I am not sure how to write this loop. I was thinking a while...I cant see this. Can some one help me better understand how to loop this? THanks in advance

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    Default Re: Base conversion

    Get some paper and pencil and go through the algorithm by hand. You should notice a repetitive pattern. Also, do this when converting decimal to decimal. It might make it easier to visualize.

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