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    Question Display pixel value

    I'm planning of loading a black and white 10X10 gif
    then I want to print value of each pixel (like black 1; white 0)
    I have coded till this much. after grabbing the pixels using my object called pixelGrabber,
    I read in oracle that the method grabPixels() returns only an object. which class's object is it returning?
    how can I print each pixels' data?

    Please do help.
    I am new in java I cant understand very complex stuff.

    public static void main(String args[])throws Exception
    BufferedImage img;
    img = File("abc.gif"));
    int Width = img.getWidth();
    int Height = img.getHeight();
    PixelGrabber pixelGrabber=new PixelGrabber(img,0,0,Width,Height,false);

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    Default Re: Display pixel value

    There is no need to use pixel grabber. BufferedImage has a method - getRGB() which returns an RGB int value of the pixel at the supplied coordinates. You can use the Color methods to interrogate the returned int value.

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