I need your help.
In the code below i have class from where i start my game with many players and i manage them as a Round Robin Tournament.
With the first loop i create the rounds of the RR tournaments and second loop creates the games of each round. With the below code in each loop of the second for loop, i run a game and the next game waits the first game to finish in order to start.

I need to convert this code and to run all the games of a round together as multi threads, can anyone help me by giving me an example ???

Thank you in advanced

Java Code:
public class NewClass1 {

    int players = 10;
    String whitePlr, blackPlr;

    public NewClass1() {  
    for (int TournamentRounds = 0; TournamentRounds < players-1 ; TournamentRounds++) {         
                    for (int GameofRound = 0; GameofRound < players/2; GameofRound++) {
                                    //TournamentScheduling()  is a class which makes the Round Robin tournament scheduling depending from the number of the players. 
                         whitePlr = TournamentScheduling.WhiteTable[TournamentRounds][GameofRound]; 
                         blackPlr = TournamentScheduling.BlackTable[TournamentRounds][GameofRound];
                         //Spiel() is a class which starts the game..
                         Spiel myGame=new Spiel(DIMBOARD,DIMBASE,NUMOFPAWNS, whitePlr,blackPlr);