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    Default Modifying code to permit update/delete/query by ID

    Okay. Class project, netbeans connecting to mySQL database. After clarifying some issues with mentor, mentor pointed out that for the update/delete/query actions, asking what type of student (graduate, etc) is not required; just ID. So... I need to figure out how to modify my code to ask for student ID (for the delete/update sections) and then ... the mentor said it should be query all or query by ID. I'm having a really bad brain day and can't figure out how to modify the code to make it work. Here's an example snippet.

    Note that the program works at this point, and will add, update, query, and delete... just has to be modified to fit the "new" criteria. This is in the class meant to "drive" the whole deal. The individual groups(graduate, part time, etc) have their own little delete snippets in each class that are simple "delete FROM * WHERE studentID" sorts of things.
    Java Code:
    private void queryStudent() {
            System.out.print("Choose the type:\n1- Undergraduate, 2- Graduate, 3- Part-Time: ");
            int type = 0;
            Student st;
            do {
                while (!scan.hasNextInt()) {
                type = scan.nextInt();
            } while (type < 0 || type > 3);
            if (type == 1) {
                st = new Undergraduate();
            } else if (type == 2) {
                st = new Graduate();
            } else {
                st = new PartTime();
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