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    Default Unknown publisher / Signing standalone tomcat.exe

    Hi there,

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this q, but here goes!

    I have a standalone tomcat.exe that im using to Auto-Launch a website from a CD or DVD-ROM

    If I run the tomcat.exe from my local machine, I get prompted with the "Open file - Security warning" dialog box, that states "The publisher could not be verified, Are you sure you want to run the software?" - Standard windows dialog for unsigned executable files I believe.

    Now this is the interesting bit, as soon as I change my build.xml in order to alter some of the config settings - then I alter the class, again to change some configuration settings.

    Once i've fiddled with the app, i use ANT to build/compile the thing

    As soon as I've done that, I double click the exe and the Security dialog regarding the unknown publisher has disappeared - it no longer prompts me for this information.

    What i'm looking for in an answer is WHAT has happened here? Because I built and compiled it using ANT, does that mean it's now signed in some way?

    Ideally, I want the exe to be signed and set any values to my name, descriptions, titles, copyright, etc - im just not too sure what is happening.

    Any advice, pointers appreciated.



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