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    Default 2D Array of ArrayList

    So currently I'm trying to create a 2D Array of ArrayLists. I know I can switch Array to ArrayList, but that's a bad fix.
    This part works
    Java Code:
    private ArrayList<Thing>[][] world;
    I just can't assign the variable correctly.
    Java Code:
    world = new ArrayList<Thing>[size][size];
    That throws something that says can't create a generic array of ArrayList<Thing>. Help?

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    Default Re: 2D Array of ArrayList

    Well, go on without the generic part:
    Java Code:
    world = new ArrayList[size][size];
    Here we create the array object itself and arrays are not generic.
    When you initialize for example world[0][0] then the generics are on and world[0][0] = new ArrayList<Thing>(); will be ok.
    But world[0][0] = new ArrayList<Totally different thing>(); will lead to compilation error(type mismatch).

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