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    Default Import java files

    Hi ,
    I'm doing my first steps in java so please be gentle ...
    enclosed a part of a java program .

    Q -1 - From where those files are imported ? ( what is their path ? )
    Q -2 - Does those files are related to the java version that I have on my PC ?

    Java Code:
    package SensorMonitor;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.imageio.*;
    import java.awt.*;

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    Default Re: Import java files

    A1: A package is a bunch of java/class files grouped together. Think files and directories. It so happens that packagenames are actual directories! So your example Java file should be contained in a directory called SensorMonitor. (Note: name conventions dictate that packages should be written lowercase). When you put this directory structure inside a jar file you have a library. If you add these libraries to the classpath of your program the import statement will find them automatically.
    A2: Yes. Obviously libraries can change, so the contents of each JDK/JRE may vary.

    @see Creating and Using Packages (The Java™ Tutorials > Learning the Java Language > Packages)

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    Default Re: Import java files

    Note that the Java import statement is totally different from the C/C++ include prepocessor directive; the first statement imports compiled Java classes (i.e. it invokes a ClassLoader for the class), while the preprocessor directive imports source code in another source code compilation unit. The Java compiler uses introspection (see the Class class) in order to obtain its information about the class. If no class existed yet or is outdated, the compiler recursively invokes itself and compiles the other source code (if it can be found).

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