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    Default How long would you say it will take someone to get used to java?

    New to java. I am taking my first java class but from the looks of it, even though book is very thick, it only covers very basics of java.
    Just how long would normal person to become advanced java user who can get a job for it? Do all these programers memorize pretty much
    every terms and java languages so they can write whatever they can without looking at books and manuals to write programs they need?
    I already see like hundreds of java terms that I need to memorize and I don't think it can be done in matter of few months even if I spend like 4-5
    hours a day to memorize(it's like asking to memorize entire bible).
    It's almost like you take 3 high school language classes and yet you can't communicate with natives even though you memorized hundreds of words.

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    Default Re: How long would you say it will take someone to get used to java?

    Even native speakers of a natural language need more than 2000 words to be able to communicate with another native speaker just above the 'complete moron' level. You don't need to remember all those 'words' to be able to 'speak' Java; you just need to have the API documentation for all those core classes available; the language itself is so small, you can study and master it in a couple of months. To become proficient with all the core classes may take years of study and practice ...

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