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    Default What do i need to know to make this game?

    Hello everyone!

    I want to make a game. Its not a huge project. Its EXTREMLY short, and i mean really short.
    And i was hoping i could get directions on what i need to know to make this game.
    Its a project i want to finish fast. Its relatively short so i hope its not a problem asking for "shortcuts" on what i need to read/research about to put to make this project a reality.

    First just info: i got basic java knowledge. Methods, classes. Pretty decent. Just that there are things i dont know.

    "You need to know this interface
    "You need to know this class"
    "You need to know this method"

    1. Game start
    What do i need to know to make this game?-1.png
    Here i want to display the text + the background will be a image
    i also want a audio file to play in the background¨¨
    "press x" must flash

    2. If you press X (any key)
    Your then sent to character select menu
    What do i need to know to make this game?-2.png
    You toggle characters with mouseclick, and when a char is selected the background goes yellow + character description text appears

    3. Quest begins
    After confirm character with mouseclick the quest begins.
    What do i need to know to make this game?-3.png
    Here i want to play a audio in the background as well + possible have a image background

    The idea is to move the character from point A (where you begin) to point B (the castle). You move using left or right arrow keys. While "walking" (pressing arrow keys) i want a walking sound to be played.

    4. Quest finished, game over!
    If you reach the castle (point B), youve finished the quest, a audio file plays for few seconds and then this final menu appears after audio is finished
    What do i need to know to make this game?-4.png

    So anyone who can point me in right directions? Image and audio programming, putting all of this into a GUI, how to animate the stick figure to walk and other tips will be great.

    Ill do research myself ofc. But again i am in a rush hence i ask here.
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    Default Re: What do i need to know to make this game?

    Check out the Lightweight Java Game Library ( - Home of the Lightweight Java Game Library).
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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