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    Default reading and writing txt. files into a database

    I am curious to know a method to read a text file I have in my Netbeans project folder. The following code enters the data entered by the user into a text file as well as a text area displayed in the GUI. What I need to understand is how to get these files that are in the Charity donaations.txt to also be placed into a database. I do not understand "yet" but I am learning. Give me some ideas or opinions or if you know a good tutorial I welcome it
    Java Code:
      String name = jTextField1.getText();
            String donation = jTextField2.getText();
            String charity = (String)jComboBox1.getSelectedItem( );
            String newline = "";
            // appends fields of entry to text area 
            jTextArea2.append(name + "     ---     " + donation + "     ---     " + charity + "\n" + newline);
             try {
                BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(new FileWriter("Charity Donations.txt", true));
    	           out.write(name + " ");
    	           out.write(charity + " ");
    	           out.write(donation + " ");
    	 } catch (IOException e) {
    	                System.out.println("There was a problem:" + e);
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    Default Re: reading and writing txt. files into a database

    You should study the JDBC API; it's a library in the core set of classes that allows you to communicate with a database (with a SQL engine); first you have to define a suitable table (or tables) for your data and next you can write your data to the table(s) or read from it/them.

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