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    Default Why can't a byte hold 1?

    According to my book author, the following code does not work.
    Java Code:
    int i = 1;
    byte b = i;
    Sure enough, I tried it and it does not work. Yes an integer is a 32 bit type and a byte is an 8, but we're talking about the number 1 right? Why can't a byte hold the number 1 without using an explicit cast?

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    Default Re: Why can't a byte hold 1?

    You know that i has the value 1 and a 1 fits in a byte, and I know that, but the compiler doesn't know that; it is very near sighted, i.e. all it sees that you want to assign an int to a byte and that doesn't fit so it starts whining about it. Change the second line to:

    Java Code:
    byte b= (byte)i;
    and the compiler assumes that you know what you're doing. If you had assigned a literal value to byte b and that value fits in a byte [-128 ... 127] the compiler accepts the assignment.

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