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    Default New to Java: Learning GUI

    Hello. I'm new to Java(by a matter of 2 months), and I'm just wondering... at what stage should I start learning how to write GUI code? What kind of basics do I need to know before I can successfully add GUI's to my little calculator and data storage programs?

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    Default Re: New to Java: Learning GUI

    In my opinion, GUI's and/or Graphics programming are simply was of obtaining or displaying information. Instead of printing out a bunch of x,y coordinates you draw a figure. Instead of prompting for input from a console, you use a text field. But you still need to be familiar with the underlying data structures such as Lists, Maps, and Sets. So I would make certain you learn all the basic stuff first. Then you can learn about event handling, threads, and Swing. It will make your GUI writing much easier. Check out the tutorials in my signature for more info.

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