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    Default Are there real numbers in Java?

    I am trying to rewrite this truebasic program over to java and most of it is working but sometimes the outcome(degrees) is one more than the original's outcome.
    im assuming its a rounding error since it doesnt happen everytime. the only thing different is that im not using real numbers like in this line of the old code. is there a way to do that in Java?

    IF temq >= 360! THEN temt = temt + 1!: temq = temq - 360
    REM "! for real (as opposed to integer)

    and also there was this line:

    temp = t - INT(t): temq = 360 * temp + .5

    to replace INT(t) ive been using Math.rint(t) and Math.round(t). neither seemed to be different in this case from what i noticed.

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    Default Re: Are there real numbers in Java?

    Try using float or double (preferred). However, even the latter has its limitations associated with precision.

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    Default Re: Are there real numbers in Java?

    To be exact: Java uses the IEEE/459 number system; it is a number system that can represent a very funny subset of the set Q (rational numbers) which is a subset of the set R (real numbers); it's the best you can do on any digital computer with a finit amount of memory for a single number.

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