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    Default Excel Column


    Presently, I am using excel interface with JAVA using jcom library

    As you know, Excel has columns: A,B,C....Z,AA,AB,AC,......,AZ,BA,BB,....BZ,CA... and so on

    My problem is that I want to create a function in JAVA whose prototype is:
    String getColName(String col,int add)
    you can understand working of this function by following examples:
    getColName("H",0) returns "H", getColName("H",3) returns "K"
    getColName("Y",3) returns "AB",getColName("AZ",5) returns "HE"
    And So On

    I hope, u understand that what kind of function, I want to create

    Please tell me the logic behind it.


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    This should do what you want. This however does not have functionality to accept ZZ and output AAA. I didnt bother seeing as how excel wont even reach ZZ. This shouldnt be hard to add though if someone wants to put it in.

    Java Code:
      static String getColName(String temp, int over) {
        int value;
        int last;
        char[] tempch = temp.toCharArray();
        last = tempch.length - 1;
        value = tempch[last] + over;
        tempch[last] = (char) value;
        if (value > (int) 'Z') {
          tempch[last] = (int) 'A';
          over = (value - (int) 'Z' - 1);
          if (last == 0) {
            tempch = (("A") + String.copyValueOf(tempch)).toCharArray();
          } else {
            tempch[last - 1] = (char) ((int) tempch[last - 1] + 1);
          tempch = getColName(String.copyValueOf(tempch), over).toCharArray();
        return String.copyValueOf(tempch);

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    Default Best Logic for Excel Column

    Your logic is very simple. Thanx for it.

    However here is exact solution of this problem:
    It will returns "AAA" for getColName("ZZ",1)

    Thanx Again...

    Problem solved.

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