So I just graduated and while I'm looking for a job I want to start a project. I have a home server right now that uses ubuntu where I have music, movies, pictures ... etc. I would like to start off being able to stream my music and move from the server program to a client program. I evetually want to create a web app client. My goal is to eventually get a raspberry pi to have near my tv so I will be able to steam movies and other media to the tv. I also have experience developing in Android so eventually I'm also looking to make an application for my phone that works with this project.

I started doing some research about which protocol I will be using and it looks like the best way is to use RSTP. Looks like Netty should be a good API to use, but I'm still doing my research. I have no idea how to get started though. Any one have any good resources that could be me get the ball rolling?