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    Default XML parsing with SAX

    I've searched how to parse XMLs with java, and I've have come to the conclusion that SAX is way better than DOM. I don't know how to use either of these, but I want to be able to parse XMLs. I have searched google many times for a simple tutorial, to no avail.

    Can someone please either explain how to use sax, or direct me to a good tutorial site? Any help is appreciated.

    EDIT: As hard and complicated as it sounds, I was thinking that creating a personalized parser class with custom, easy to understand methods and purposes. I would then just copy this class into whatever project I would be working on in which I would need to parse an XML. Is this a well-directed idea?
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    Default Re: XML parsing with SAX

    Using a SAX parser is easy if you have ploughed through the sometimes confusing documentation: first you have to configure a SAXParserFactory object which can create a SAXParser for you; you can set an extension of a DefaultHandler (a sort of fat callback function) to the SAXParser and make the parser parse the input. The callback function is called whenever necessary.

    While writing your own parser most certainly is doable but all the nitty-gritty work has been done already, so why do it again? Especially the validating parsers are tricky. My tip would be to start reading the API documentation for the SAXParserFactory and dig your way through.

    All that DOM stuff can come in handy if you want to structurally process the XML tree. Note that they have refitted the SAXParser stuff into the DOM stuff to do the parsing job.

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    Default Re: XML parsing with SAX

    Did you check out the tutorials in my signature. They devote a major section to XML parsing, with examples and when to use SAX vs DOM.

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