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    Default replacing characteter in string without using replace.

    //function will take string and replace all characters with *
    private static void changingThing(String theString, String chara)
    String theNewString = "";
    String[] theStringArray = new String[] {theString};
    for (int i = 0; i < theString.length(); i++)
    if (theStringArray[i] == "chara")
    theNewString = theNewString + '*';
    theNewString = theNewString + theStringArray[i];
    theString = theNewString;
    Scanner input = new Scanner(;
    System.out.println("String with " + "\'" + chara + "\' " +

    I am not sure where to start. I am a real beginner in java.
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    Default Re: replacing characteter in string without using replace.

    Your string array is length of one and contains only one string so you would get an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception. Check out the toCharArray method of the String class. If you are having problems, simply experiment with the methods to see what they do before you apply them to solving a problem.

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