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    Default rookie question

    Well, I am just a rookie (right now) and got rookie questions, But first hello to everyone out there

    I got a copy of the Programming Java book by Joyce Farrell, just walking the first chapter, more o less I am getting it, but when it comes to compile my first "program ", and filing miserably, the book says
    /*There will be one of three outcomes:
    » You receive a message such as 'javac' is not recognized as an internal or
    external command, operable program or batch file.
    » You receive one or more program language error messages.
    » You receive no messages, which means that the application compiled successfully */

    Well, after several try-out to get the console working now I got none of them, instead it looks that the program executes but i got a message in Windows that says "Windows can't open this file ...User the wed to...etc"
    I have just installed Java, I cannot or don't know how to check if the installation is good, although from the java-wed I got the message that the installation was successful

    PD (I checked that the name of the safe file correspond exactly at the name typed at the cmd as well as the change the extension from txt to java)

    Any ideas or advices?

    Thanks before hand for your help


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    Default Re: rookie question

    Can you post the exact text of the message you're receiving?

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    Default Re: rookie question

    Copy the error text to here, if not possible, print screen it :)
    its almost impossible to fix a problem when you do not know what the problem is...

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