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    Default switch statements for budget program

    So I'm fairly new to java, and i've been watching tons of tut's lately and i wanted to actually sit down and see if i could write my own program without using a reference so i did...

    the program i chose to make was just a very very simple budget program for myself. i added variables of all my bills like // cableBill = 150; so on and so forth. then i have the user input
    the current date i.e. 1-30 and then i made a switch statement of my date variable, a very long one at that, that adds up my bills that i have left to pay for the rest of the month depending on what the date is.
    so i made 30 different cases for every day of the month.

    just for clarification if i input 1 it adds up all my bills for the month because i haven't payed any. if i input 15 it will add up bills i have to pay from the 16-30 therefore excluding 1-15

    my question is, is there a better method to doing this rather than creating 30 cases of the switch statement for every day?

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    Default Re: switch statements for budget program

    you could user s Scanner, ask for a date, then iterate through a foot loop using said inputted value.

    e.g. - if user enters 12, for loop will fire 12 times adding up all the bills for those 12 days.

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