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    Default Best Book to Learn Java

    I know this probably gets posted a lot, but I wanted to most current answers. I often see Head First java, but will that teach me the up-to-date version (I think were on Java 7)? or is it out dated. I just got home for summer break and am determined to learn Java. Please recommend what book you feel is the best.Thanks.

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    Default Re: Best Book to Learn Java

    i would use the oracle java tutorials, Since Oracle are the ones who "own" java this is the most up to date resource you are ever going to get.

    Even if you got a book that was still java 6, it wouldn't effect you that much, there's just a few Updates/ depreciated methods.

    link to Oracle Java tutorials:

    The Java™ Tutorials

    Work through each section :)

    Also if you get stuck with your code, post here we are all more than happy to help. But at least try to solve the problem before posting :)

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