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    Question help for payroll project in java

    hai friends,2 day i starte pay roll project in java,i want some sample payroll project in java using swing.ple friends help me to o my project

    thank u

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    Default show us some code

    show some code when u are stuck we will help you

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    Mage, we don't provide solutions to homeworks here. It's your responsibility to build your own work. From there, we can critique and/or correct you when you get stuck, as valoyivd said.

    Please read the FAQ before you post again. A majority of folks here read and write in English- please articulate your words completely when posting. I had a difficult time understanding you at first which could've been avoided had you written correctly. If English is not your first language, please use the Web to find resources to assist you in writing and speaking English.

    Thank you for your understanding cooperation.
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