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    Default helping on method..Turning a fishy

    I am not sure how to do this method. Here is my attempt and it was was not working. Need help on structure of this method.

    Java Code:
    	 * Iterate through list of Fish.  For each fish that isAlive, do the following:
    	 * <p>
    	 * 1. If this fishIsSurroundedByRocks, DO NOTHING, and move on to the next fish.
    	 *     (This fish will not turn.)
    	 * <p>
    	 * 2.  If this fish's direction is not equal to one of the codes UP, DOWN, LEFT, or
    	 *     RIGHT, then throw an IllegalFishDirectionException, passing this fish's 
    	 *     direction to the constructor.
    	 * <p>    
    	 * 3.  Check whether or not this fish is about to hit a rock if it moves in it's 
    	 *     current direction.  If it is about to hit a rock, call the fish's 
    	 *     setRandomDirection method.  Repeat this step until the fish is no longer
    	 *     about to hit a rock.  Do not make any EXTRA calls to setRandomDirection or 
    	 *     you will fail our tests!
    	public void turnFish() {
    		Iterator<Fish> i = fish.iterator();
    		while(i.hasNext()) {
    			Fish curr =;
    			if (curr.isAlive() == true){
    				while (fishIsSurroundedByRocks(curr) == true){
    					while ((curr.getDirection() != Fish.UP) 
    							(curr.getDirection() != Fish.DOWN)
    							(curr.getDirection() != Fish.RIGHT)
    							(curr.getDirection() != Fish.LEFT)){
    						throw new IllegalFishDirectionException(curr.getDirection());
    					if (landscape[curr.getRow()][curr.getCol()] == ROCK){

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    Default Re: helping on method..Turning a fishy

    Look at your code and think about what it's saying. Read it aloud in pseudocode. Line 26 & 27: "While the current fish is surrounded by rocks, move." That sounds like you've already broken rule #1.
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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