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    Default Listbox Add/Delete

    I have read countless tutorials on how to do this yet I am still stuck

    I think the problem is that most tutorials are manually drawing their Lists

    I have a JFrame with a JList dragged onto it (I am using Netbeans)

    I want to press one button to add to the list box and one to delete (delete the item selected)

    I have tried using getSelectedIndex etc

    But it doesn't delete anything and a lot of errors occur in the Output console

    I have seen a lot of mention of something like DefaultListModel or something named similar

    Where can I be going wrong, there isn't even a remove option like most tutorials say. Let me repeat for clarities sake I am a newb I only started using this program 2 weeks ago but I know that I don't want to draw a New list box in another form


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    I have the same problem too, I read that I should use Array of items then use add(array) to add to the list. I tried it but it's not working also I read about DefaultListModel and tried it and stills the item is not added to the list.
    what is the difference between the two ways of adding to the JList?

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    first, obviously you set the values into the list... and it exactly shows the consequences depends on how had you arrange them accordingly.... right?

    for example, i have

    deftones, El Nino, Underground, hardcore

    Well, you can put it in the list....

    What if i like to delete El Nino?

    Then, delete El Nino,

    Replace all the values from the list and put this again,

    deftones, Underground, hardcore

    correct me if im wrong,

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