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    Default If Statements or Something Better?

    Allow me to set the scene before i ask the question. Im designing a control panel for a Java program through the BlueJ learning system. It involves fill the gas tank of an object, loading it with cargo, then entering a destination for the object to go. I want to set it where i have multiple choices for a destination each one at a different distance from the other of course. I need an easy way to code in "if destination = whatever1 then (fuel used equation), if destination = whatever2 then (fuel used equation)..." all the way through all of my options (as many as 10 total). Whats the easiest way besides nested If/Else?

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    Default Re: If Statements or Something Better?

    Create a Destination class and let it do the calculations:

    Java Code:
    public class Destination {
       public double fuelUsed( ... ) { ... }
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