I have a basic app to do as a project. It's pretty basic, but I'm also a beginner. A task organizer or a time management tool if you wish. I only have the user requirements that describe the functionality.
Basically, for you to get a decent understanding what it is about, is that users create time-frames/slots and in those, tasks are added. Information like starting day - estimated ending day, how many hours is one willing to dedicate for each task, and in how many hours should one spend on the whole time-frame. The task are to be prioritized by their category and importance, the list of tasks can be saved and of course view-able. Additionally, the data must be recorded to get statistics on matters such as speed and the accuracy of estimations.

Regarding the GUI design, I've done numerous prototypes and I'm thinking of using absolute layout for convenient design and the window won't be re sizable to not mess up the look. What do you think about that?
Charts are a good idea for the stats and I've downloaded JFreeChart, I'm guessing what I want to do can be achieved with this?
Also, I've put everything I will need in different JPanels, so one JFrame is needed. Which way is better? More frames or different panels in the same frame?

Now, I'm trying the map the elements and identify a way to handle the requirements. For example, I will need my own user-defined classes like time-frame and task and potentially a task organizer to bring everything together. A time-frame can have many tasks, a limit of tasks I think is preferred.

Generally, what do you guys think, observe and advise me to do.