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    Default Question about java.awt.List

    Hello guys,

    I have added a java.awt.List in my applet with 3 items that would represent 3 different collors.
    The thing is that I must double clieck on the color name to really make the selection.

    This is how I check if a color was selected from the list:

    public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent evt) {

    String userChoice = evt.getActionCommand();

    myColor =;

    if (userChoice == "black")
    myColor =;

    if (userChoice == "green")
    myColor =;


    How can I select the color from the list with a single click?

    Thank you all!

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    Default Re: Question about java.awt.List

    Does that actually work?
    You're comparing Strings using '==' which is a should be 'equals()'
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    Default Re: Question about java.awt.List

    you could create JButtons, so 3 buttons 1 for each colour and when the user click the green button it sets my colour to green? pretty easy to implement, or are you not allowed to use buttons and such.

    You could also say left mouse click sets my colour to green, right mouse sets it to red and mouse scroll sets it to black, But for this you would need a MouseListener and such.

    if you were to use the JButton example you could then say:

    Java Code:
    public void actionPerformed (ActionEvent e) {
    if (e.getSource == blackButton) {
    mycolor =;
    else if (e.getSource == redButton) {
    //etc etc
    so you could use the '=='. As Tolls said you cant compare Strings with '==' you can only compare primitive types like char or int using '=='.

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