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    Default Question on Generics

    I am looking at this bit of code

    public static <K,V> String toString(Map<K,V> map)
    if (map == null) return "";
    if (map.isEmpty()) return "{}";

    StringBuilder result = new StringBuilder();
    for(Map.Entry<K,V> entry : map.entrySet())
    result.append(String.format(", %s -> %s ", entry.getKey().toString(), entry.getValue().toString()));
    return "{" + result.substring(1) + "}";

    I know that the Map<K,V> is a paramterized map. I am not sure what public static <K,V> in the method signature stands for.Is it the return type ?

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    Default Re: Question on Generics

    The return type is of type String. The static keyword just means the method can be invoked without requiring an instance of the class. It also implies that the statements in the method will not operate on instance variables directly, only locals and the parameter list (and other static variables, if present). The K,V are the Key/Value types of the map.

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    Default Re: Question on Generics

    The <K, V> part in the method signature defines the method to be generic, otherwise the type Map<K, V> for the parameter type wouldn't make any sense (K and V aren't defined classes/interfaces most likely). Now the method accepts Map<String, Integer>, Map<Integer, JLabel> etc. as valid parameter types. It's a funny notation ...

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