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    Default Generic method Java tutoring help

    Write a generic method that will process a 1-dimensional array. The method will compare each element location with the next location to its
    right. If not equal to and not greater than, add 1 to a counter. The counter will therefore keep track of the number of element values that are
    out of order. Once all compares are completed, the method returns the integer count

    I would I start this and can you explain to me the process of creating it. thanks for the help

    BTW this is not homework I am just practicing from a java practice workbook and I really want to know how to do this problem thanks

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    Default Re: Generic method Java tutoring help

    You have posted some very basic questions in that last few minutes. Do you have a book on Java which you are reading? IMO, the best way to learn a language supplemented by writing some simple programs. Also, check out the tutorial link in my signature. Go through it from the beginning. It should help a great deal.

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