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    Default Sorting Bubble Help Java Tutorial Help

    You are given two 1-dimensional arrays. The first array contains vote counts for an election to determine the mayor of the city of Process, KY. The second array contains the last names of the candidates. The last name at element x of the second array relates to the vote count at element x of the first array.

    Create a method to sort the vote count array in descending order. Adjust the last names array so that the vote counts still relate to the last

    Once sorting is completed, display the winner and his/her vote count. (I think bubble sorting would work best)

    I need help on how to start it and end it, Can you explain to the process I must follow and do


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    Default Re: Sorting Bubble Help Java Tutorial Help

    There are lots of examples of sorting on the web. And the bubble sort, though generally inefficient, would be a good start. Check out Wikipedia. Once you get your code written, compiled, and running, post it here for help with any problems.

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