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    Default 2D Array problem

    2D Array problem - Java?
    Hey Java Community! :)

    I have a problem getting this to work:
    1 2 3 4 - (column)
    A B2 D4 C3
    B A2 A4 C2
    C D2 D1 B1
    D C4 B3 B4
    Ok, this is how it goes, this is a 2D array with (RowColumn - eg. A1). I got to write a java program with a do..while or case (or any other suitable way to accomplish the task) to check each element(cell) and put the existing values in the correct element(cell). The program will stop once it has detected a null(empty) cell.

    Thx a million people :)
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    Default Re: 2D Array problem

    There are lots of ways to approach the problem. If this is for a class, I assume you would be limited in what you could use. As of Java 1.7, you can switch on Strings in case statements. Although it doesn't scale well, you could just have four case statements, one for each of your columns. Your rows could be handled normally with an index.

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