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    Default HELP: Trouble with partial filled arrays

    For HW, I have to write a deleteRepeats static method for an array of characters that deletes any character previously listed and returns the new array size. The example the problem gives is:

    char a[10];
    int size = 4;
    size = deleteRepeats(a, size);

    The problem then says after the code is executed, a[0] should be 'a', a[1] should be 'b', a[2] should be 'c' and size is 3. I read the section in my book on partially filled arrays, but I still can't get this method to work properly. Here is my code:

    public static int deleteRepeats(char[] a, int size) {

    int numberOfRepeats=0;

    for(int i=0; i<size; i++) {
    for(int j=1; i+j<size; j++) {
    if(a[i]==a[i+j]) {

    return size;

    With that code, when I put in the test array [aabcd], it returns 3, when it should be 4 and it changes the array to [abccd]. I'm sure there's numerous problems with my code. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    BTW, we're learning about ArrayLists now, but we can't use them for this HW. He wants us to learn how to do something like this without it.

    I know that to remove an element in an array you have to do something like shift everything with a higher index to the left and then transfer what you want to a new array of size one less than the original, but I have trouble figuring out the code that does that. Just read the part before my code and let me know how you would go about writing such a method.

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