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Thread: Java programs run under one user but not another

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    Default Java programs run under one user but not another

    I have two programs that use Java that our Police dispatchers use... First, one will only install using 1.5.10 ...
    The other wants the latest to install.... So I load 1.5.10, install the one program, install 1.7 (the latest) and
    install the second program... Finally get everything to work.... log on as another user and nothing works.... If, I tweak
    this user and get it to work, the first one no longer works.... What am I missing??? I'm SO frustrated........

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    Default Re: Java programs run under one user but not another

    Normally, one would expect most JRE's to be backward compatible with programs written under older versions of Java. That is to say Java applications should run on a version of Java no older than some version X because some capability may be missing. I am not really certain how to help you but what I would do if I had this problem is remove all of my versions of Java and then install the latest one. I would then carefully follow all the instructions for whatever OS you are using. Make certain the environment variables are set correctly. For situations like Windows I would ensure that it is installed for all users.

    You can check your current version as follows. Assuming Windows OS, get a MSDOS command line prompt and type
    java -version and note the version. Try this under different user accounts.

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    Default Re: Java programs run under one user but not another

    What OS are you on? What privileges does each user have? Are they the same for the users involved.
    What did you do to "tweak" a user's account so it would work?
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    Default Re: Java programs run under one user but not another

    When the first one "no longer works", do you get an error message? Post it in its entirety.
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