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    Default Java Regex capturing group question

    Hi everyone,
    my question is in regard to Java Regex and capturing groups:

    When a capturing group doesn't match, the group normally gives a "null" response when called with

    However, when I have the following:

    Pattern testPattern = Pattern.compile("(\\d*)([^{]*)");
    Matcher m2 = testPattern.matcher("1234");

    When I println it, will return "1234" as expected.
    But will not return null, but empty ""

    I guess it's because of the exclusion pattern [^{]*
    Does anyone know how to get around it and get the "null" I am looking for?



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    Default Re: Java Regex capturing group question

    It makes sense that zero-or-more of something matches an empty string. Would it meet your requirements to replace "[^{]*" with "[^{]+"? Alternatively, why can't you test for an empy string in the same place you're presumably testing for null?
    Get in the habit of using standard Java naming conventions!

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